How To Wear The Right Maxi Dress

Capitalize On Body Type with Your Best Shape Maxi Dress

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Here’s where I’ll tell you how to wear your maxi dress body type for the daytime or evening hours. Have you ever noticed how a long, hot dress seems to have a life of its own on a certain body shape? They can even help you feel like you suddenly learned how to “dress your age”, whatever that may be. Here’s how to wear a shape dress for each of these 7 body types.

All example dresses will link to Amazon easy to buy maxi dresses.

1) You have a “less lengthy”, petite figure, whilst navigating possible curves

Often a petite body type complains that what is “supposed” to be a hot maxi dress, is tricky to wear. These women are probably trying a style of maxi with too much oomph(volume) and it is simply too long for them. It doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Pick crafty, mid-calf length, slightly shorter styles.
  • Choose a fluid fabric that doesn’t billow and avoid many pleats or layers.
  • Opt for a smaller print, minimal color, and keep patterns small-scale.
  • A trendy hot dress with a sheath contained underneath, and sheer leg will create height, and look sharp.
  • Example 1 – Loud
  • Example 2 – Elegant
  • Example 3 – Casual

2) You’re an iconic goal post, with an Athletic, “H” shaped frame

You’ve got less- -waist and are likely more physically fit(at least in appearance) than most.

  • Look for a fitted, column tier-shaped dress. The straightness will accent every curve on your body and flatter overall.
  • Avoid the gathers and pleats.
  • Try a contrasting colored belt around the waist for curve-illusion.
  • An empire style will likely be one of the most flattering.
  • Example – Asymmetrical

3) You’ve reached the “X” Factor(with a most defined waist)

  • Try a wide belted style that you can cinch in to show off a puckered, defined central waist.
  • A flared shape will also accentuate and compliment your curves.
  • Look for fabrics that drape softly and move as you walk.
  • Example – Irregular Hem

4) “Towering above”. How to Wear That Hot Maxi Dress if you’re Taller

It is hard to find clothes fitting long enough for you, most of the time, but…

  • Maxi dresses for you should come at least to your ankles, if not a little longer.
  • Play with horizontal details to minimize height, with the truest of long dresses for women.
  • Work with your body shape recommendation methods mentioned above whether you are curvier or are on the visually straight and narrow.
  • Example – Long Sleeveless

5) Maxi Tips for “All the Way” Voluptuous, Curvy Body Types

  • Go for the extra bit of embellished fabric for wide straps and a deep “V “neckline. This will give support, highlight your curves, and balance out your hips.
  • Gentle pleating and belted styles will work to show off your shape.
  • Soft, draping fabrics such as lace maxi dresses, will make your figure Sing.
  • Example – Convertible Maxi Dress

6) Move Over for the Most Common, Bigger-Booty, “Pear Shape” Body Type

What you’ll need:

  • A maxi that moves the onlooker’s eye up from your hips, with an, emphasized or even an Empire Waist
  • Choose maxi dresses with a “V” neckline and spaghetti straps. Thin straps continue to draw focus up to your narrow shoulders.
  • You can keep on to accentuate the top half, include ingenious cutout fabric in the back or front, drawing the eye up.
  • A free and flowy skirt on the bottom half will bring balance and finish out the shape with polish.
  • Strapless maxi dresses will highlight your slender shoulders and bust.
  • Try the maxi dress body type with kimono sleeves to balance you out, and give the illusion of an hourglass (like those even exist outside of Monopoly).
  • Example – V Neck High Waist

7) For Your Perfectly Proportioned “Hourglass” Figure

A sheath dress is one of the most flattering as well as a seemingly effortless way to flaunt that coveted shape. I’ll show you how.

  • Maxi dresses actually show off your coveted curves rather than hide them behind billowy skirts. Cut out dresses, wrap dresses; clingy dresses are made for your perfect figure.
  • You can afford to go strapless, halter, spaghetti strapped or even experiment with plunging necklines and low-scoop backs to flaunt your curves.
  • Maybe try a grey dress, and Shy Away from those horizontal-striped shape dresses, as they will steal away from the frame you want to accentuate.
  • Example – Vintage

8) IDGAF; Just Give Me Comfort

We don’t always care what the dress looks like. We just want something casual and comfortable. Here you have the perfect comfort maxi dress. It’s a dress and hoodie with pockets. Yes, you read that right.

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